Pet Xray Services

Pet X-Rays

X-rays aren’t just for humans; they’re essential for your pet’s health too. At GRAH in Kingston, we offer advanced abdominal X-rays for cats and dogs. These X-rays are crucial for identifying internal issues like foreign objects, bladder stones, organ irregularities, and tumors.

Our digital radiography technology provides a painless way to capture detailed images of your pet’s internal organs, offering quick insights into their health. While the process is brief, we may recommend mild sedation for your pet’s comfort and positioning.

Contrary to common belief, X-rays aren’t only for detecting broken bones; they’re invaluable for revealing internal organ anomalies in pets, aiding our veterinary team in precise diagnoses. Trust GRAH in Kingston for the best care for your pet’s X-ray needs.


Why Choose Our Pet Care Company?

How experienced is your veterinary team?

Our veterinary team consists of highly experienced and trained professionals who are dedicated to providing the best care for your pets.

Do you offer emergency care?

Yes, we provide emergency care services during our regular business hours. For after-hours emergencies, we can refer you to the nearest emergency veterinary clinic.

Can I schedule appointments online?

Yes, we offer online appointment scheduling for your convenience. You can also call our clinic to book an appointment.

How do I prepare my pet for surgery?

We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to prepare your pet for surgery, including fasting guidelines and post-operative care instructions.